Innovative modular solutions for every business

Prevention is the best treatment. Let us help you choose the right product to keep the people you work with healthy.

DOORDESFECTO® product range

Different models of through structures for disinfection and sanitation, equipped with a disinfection mat

Finished equipment and maintenance

Rental of sanitation and disinfection frames with advertising space and standard components

Custom products

Ability to brand and customize a product with a choice of components and colors


We are UniValent EOOD - a Bulgarian company focused on creating solutions related to human safety and health. We have developed an innovative product that would help any socially engaged company to continue to effectively manage its business in accordance with the highest health standards.

The pioneer in our product range – DOORDESFECTO® LIGHT – is the first original development of "UniValent" Ltd., protected by a trademark application in the Patent Office and meets all safety requirements and standards.

The company has a production capacity of 200 frames per month.


The installation of DOORDESFECTO® disinfection and sanitation frames is intended to ensure the safe operation of your business.

DOORDESFECTO® products provide you with:


Safety for employees and customers to ensure a normal working environment


Effectiveness of hygiene measures when crossing a large flow of people


Attention to the people you work with and provided advertising space


This and the next few years will be dedicated to health and prevention. That is why we continue to develop products that will increase safety and hygiene in large public buildings. 

Don't see the product your business needs? Write to us with a question or suggestion.

Рамка с дезинфекцираща постелка, предназначена за предварителна дезинфекция на работещите и посещаващите зони, изискващи висока хигиена.


A portal designed for use mainly in medical institutions and sites of the food industry


A portal with a thermal camera for measuring the temperature of transient, intelligent analytical functions, wireless communication with a service center


Hand sanitizer with the possibility of contactless application of a disinfectant. Suitable for customers of restaurants or shops


One of our goals is to facilitate your business by ensuring care, peace of mind, and security with our developed products for disinfection and hygiene.

Various subscription plans

Free branding at the customer's request

Full service for the entire term of the contract

Opportunity for direct sale

Univalent Ltd is co-financed by the European Structural and Investment Funds under the Operational Programme for Innovation and Competitiveness 2014-2020 managed by the Fund of Funds in Bulgaria through an investment by Morningside Hill Capital Management.