Own development of UniValent EOOD

We understand perfectly well that your business has already been transformed. That's why we've adapted our engineering knowledge to your growth needs - efficiently and safely.

The assembly and installation of each product from our expanding range of disinfection and sanitation items aims to ensure the safe operation of your business. Let's work together to send your employees and customers the messages they need to hear: trust, security, care, peace of mind.

DOORDESFECTO® HAND provides you with:
Safety for employees and customers
Effectiveness of hygiene measures when crossing a large flow of people
Advertising areas

DOORDESFECTO® HAND is designed for hand disinfection and hygiene and is especially suitable for use by staff working in institutions, hospitals or other high-risk areas.
The DOORDESFECTO® HAND sanitation column is designed in such a way that the disinfection mode easily ensures its use by 10-15 people per minute, without disturbing the large flow of people in public places.
The duration of work with one filling of the tank with disinfectant is up to 7 days, depending on the number of people who use the column.

DOORDESFECTO® HAND is a vertical metal structure made of light metal alloys.
The column is divided into three sectors:
• disinfectant storage sector
• hand sanitation section
• service sector with electronic unit
The hand disinfection section is made of an alloy with a high degree of resistance, easy to maintain and clean.

The column is equipped with:
• optical sensor system
• attractive LED light signal for start and end of disinfection
• intelligent system for performing the whole process of disinfection and sanitation, without the intervention of an operator or a user