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bTV Новините: Новият 15 септември в сянката на COVID-19

Столичното 51 СУ е готово за посрещането на ученици в епидемиологична обстановка. Още на входа има поставени термо камери, а коридорите са разделени с цел запазване на дистанция при преминаване. Зам-директорът Веселин Стефанов демонстрира как се преминава през монтирана дезинфекционна рамка, която е задължителна за всеки учител и е препоръчителна за учениците.

Канал 3 TV: Първи учебен ден под знака на COVID-19

Присъствен старт на учебната година при строги мерки срещу корона вируса. Над 59 000 деца прекрачиха за пръв път училищния праг. За да гарантират безопасността на учениците, редица училища инсталираха още термо камери и кабини за дезинфекция. До подобряване на ситуацията с COVID-19 маските остават задължителни за преподаватели и ученици в общите помещения. A portal provides better hygiene in hospitals and shops

The COVID-19 epidemic is slowly subsiding in Bulgaria, but all experts warn that the world must learn to live with the virus. 

And if social distance is only a temporary and not always applicable measure against its spread, then hygiene remains the most important requirement for reducing morbidity.

24 HOURS: 121 seventh graders went through a disinfection frame for the exam

The smart machine cleans four in a minute from head to toe. A Bulgarian company offers an innovative product COVID - 19,121 seventh-graders from the capital's 51st Elizaveta Bagpyana Secondary School, who took part in an external assessment in Bulgarian language and literature on Monday, entered the building as a prelude. School puts a portal for disinfection for students and teachers

The 51st Elisaveta Bagryan Secondary School in Sofia has set a portal for the hygiene of students and teachers. It was installed at the entrance of the school. This morning, before the prom, the children went through it. The Bulgarian company UniValent EOOD offers an innovative and practical solution for public buildings - a special frame for disinfection, which is placed at the entrance. Frame provides better hygiene in banks and offices

The Bulgarian company UniValent EOOD offers an innovative and practical solution for public buildings - a special frame for disinfection, which is placed at the entrance. DOORDESFECTO LIGHT is designed to sanitize staff and visitors in institutions at high risk for the spread of infections.


Новините на NOVA:
И седмокласниците на изпит

This year the graduation exam in Bulgarian language and literature for the seventh graders took place atypically - with strict measures against the spread of the coronavirus. For example, in Sofia's 51 Elisaveta Bagryana School, disinfection began on the doorstep. 

The students went through a frame that sprayed detergent and so they were disinfected before entering the building.

HELLO, BULGARIA: Seventh-graders at the Matura: Under what measures will the exams be held

Alumni of 51 Sofia University first go through a disinfection frame before reaching the rooms. The director of the school, Mr. Asen Alexandrov, shows how he works. 

First, the hands are disinfected with a special gel and everyone can take a mask and gloves. Then he steps at the entrance, a disinfectant is injected and the students are disinfected from head to toe. 60,000 seventh-graders take the Bulgarian language exam

The school building was disinfected on Friday - every rank, every chair. Students go first through a sanitary frame, where they disinfect their hands, and then their feet and body. If they don't have masks, they will. Once they start working, they can take off their masks ", said the director of 51 High School in Sofia Asen Alexandrov on the air of "Bulgaria in the morning”

Channel 3 TV: Seventh graders wrote a retelling of a novel by the Mormarevi Brothers

All 7,000 classrooms were thoroughly cleaned on Friday for the second part of the national external assessment in Bulgarian language and literature. Once equipped with a mask and gloves, students go through a thorough disinfection before taking their seats in the classroomfor the mathematics exam, the disinfection frame will also be in front of the school entrance.