Own development of UniValent EOOD

We understand perfectly well that your business has already been transformed. That's why we've adapted our engineering knowledge to your growth needs - efficiently and safely. 


The installation of a disinfection and sanitation portal aims to ensure the safe operation of your business. Let's work together to convey to your employees and customers the messages they need: trust, security, care, peace of mind.


DOORDESFECTO® LIGHT provides you with:

Safety for employees and customers

Effectiveness of hygiene measures when crossing a large flow of people

- Advertising space


DOORDESFECTO® THERMO is a portal designed for sanitation of clients of shopping malls, markets, retail outlets, and other areas with a large flow of people and, accordingly, a high risk of infection and transmission of infections. 

The disinfection mode allows the use of the frame of 10 - 15 people per minute.



DOORDESFECTO® THERMO is an innovative construction, easy to transport and install, weighing 200 kg. The portal is a through tunnel construction of metal profiles with polycarbonate and aluminum composite panels. 


The portal is equipped with:

  • automated disinfectant for hand disinfectant gel
  • 10 special high-class nozzles, through which a special disinfectant solution is sprayed to an extremely fine mist
  • thermal camera with a high class of accuracy ± 0.5 degrees Celsius
  • light signaling providing information for the beginning and end of the disinfection
  • alarm notification when a person with a high temperature is detected
  • optical system for activating the disinfection process

The control of the machine is intelligent and no special training is required to work with it.