Own development of UniValent EOOD

We understand perfectly well that your business has already been transformed. That's why we've adapted our engineering knowledge to your growth needs - efficiently and safely. 

The installation of a disinfection and sanitation portal aims to ensure the safe operation of your business. Let's work together to convey to your employees and customers the messages they need: trust, security, care, peace of mind.

DOORDESFECTO® LIGHT provides you with:

Safety for employees and customers

Effectiveness of hygiene measures when crossing a large flow of people

- Advertising space

DOORDESFECTO® LIGHT is a portal designed for pre-disinfection and hygiene of personnel working in institutions, hospitals, or other areas at high risk of spreading infections, as well as for customers of shopping malls, markets or various large sites with significant human traffic. 

The portal is designed to be used by 6-10 people per minute, and a tank with disinfectant can provide work without recharging for up to 18 hours. 


DOORDESFECTO® LIGHT is a walk-through construction of metal profiles with aluminum composite wall panels mounted on a metal base, equipped with a disinfectant mat. The disinfectant mat is soaked with a solution that ensures the hygiene of the soles of the shoes of those passing through it.

The portal is equipped with a dispenser with:

- disinfectant hand gel

– disposable gloves

– disposable protective masks

And also: 

– 10 specially designed high-end nozzles that spray a disinfectant solution in the form of an extremely fine mist

The control of the machine is intelligent and no special training is required to work with it.